Tshiamo Modise

My Success Story – Tshiamo Modise

Tschiamo enrolled in the Academy for our Solar PV Installer course in 2016.

How did you find out about Terra Firma Academy?

I heard about Terra Firma Academy from the Company I was doing an Incubator Program with, then I went to do some research about them. I felt qualified and excited about the possibility of joining such a Training with the company.

What drove you to search for training in the first place?

Firstly, I am running a company which deals with energy savings, and I wanted a change in my career and wanted to learn new skills.

What was your expectation of the training, and was it met, superseded or not quite what you expected?

My expectation was to learn more about solar systems and that was met and superseded and that can be confirm by the work I am doing for my clients and at my workplace.

Have you done any similar short courses, and if so, how did they compare?

No I have never done any similar course to the one I did at Terra Firma Academy

What is your success story – how did the training help you achieve your goals?

My success story is that I am now the person who is qualified to work on Solar systems and I am even helping my community to fix their problems. If they have problems with their solar geysers, this training helps me a great deal because at first, I didn’t know that much about this solar system, but now I understand it very well and I am practising it with my clients and even at my workplace.

Did the training you did come up in a job interview?

Yes, it did come up in an interview I did in 2016 on how we can save Energy in the Corporate Environment.

Have you managed to use the learning and insight you gained from the training in your job?

Yes, I did it several times

Now that you have experienced the benefits of training to ‘get ahead’ / find a job, what is your next step in terms of your career?

Since I am working on the Facilities Management Environment, I am still working on my budget so that I can do the FACILITIES MANAGEMENT and ENERGY courses.